Healing: Rhythm of the Earth

by Anjey Satori



Album “Healing: Rhythm of the Earth” contains a recording of meditative music, which was modeled with 7,83 Ghz frequency. Artificially made generation of this frequency can bring human body to conformity of the Earth’s resonance. This frequency calms down human brain and in the same time stimulates it. Researchers notice here a peculiarity of the form of brain’s synchronization.

The 7,83 Ghz frequency can improve concentration, attention and intellectual skills.

Scientific studies and practice show that using the 7,83 Ghz frequency in magneto-therapy can regenerate weak physiological functions of the body, increases vital force and positively influences on body’s cells. This rhythm is necessary for all living. Today space ships are being equipped with special magneto-therapy devices that help astronauts during their trips into the space. Human brain, when it healthy also pulses with the 7,83 Ghz frequency.

The meditative music of the album also makes a good influence on function of Muladhara and Svadhistana Chakras.

Since music affects the Muladhara chakra and the chakra that are associated with sexual energy, the possible effect of an increase in sexual activity and male potency. You can check for yourself - the musical effect of Viagra.

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released December 12, 2009



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Anjey Satori Ukraine

The pseudonym "satori" (insight) Anjey thought of while practicing meditation and yoga. Once the "expansion of conscious" happened and there was an experience of "satori" described in classical Zen-Buddhist texts. The feeling of inner light and bliss lasted for several days. It was the meeting with his innermost Self.
Anjey Satori's music is intended for meditation, healing .
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